B: Contains milk, gluten containing cereas (wheat,barley) and soy. May contain peanut and tree nuts. P: Contains milk and gluten containing cereals (barley). May contain wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts. G: contains milk, glutne containing cereals (wheat, barley) and soy. May contain peanuts and tree nuts. 
Serving size: B: 67g, P:68g G: 78g
Serving per container: 6
Per Portion* % Daily Intake** Per Portion Per 100g
Energy B:159/66kJ P:90cal/379kJ, G: 236cal/987kJ B:8%, P:4%, G: 11% B:237cal/994kJ, 132cal/553kj, G: 302cal/1270kJ
Protein G:2.3g, P:1.2g, G:3.1g B:3.5g, P:1.7g, G:4.0g
Fat -Total B:8.2g, P: 2.0g, 14.8g B:12%, P:3%, G:21% B:12.3g, P:2.9g, 19.0g
Saturated B:5.3g, P: 1.9g, G:7.8g B: 22%, P:8%, G:33% B:7.8g P:2.8g, G: 10g