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Paddle Pop

Paddle Pop

Paddle Pop believes in wholesome childhood fun. We encourage families to enjoy the experience of eating ice cream together. And with so many fun and delicious flavours, there's something to keep everyone happy!

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  • Paddle Pop Rainbow

    Paddle Pop Rainbow is made with wholesome dairy milk, contains no artificial colours, and is a good source of calcium.
    70 ML
  • Paddle Pop Chocolate

    Paddle Pop Chocolate is made with wholesome dairy milk, contains no artificial colours or flavours and is a source of calcium. Enjoy the delicious chocolate taste today!
    70 ML
  • Paddle Pop Banana

    Paddle Pop Banana is made with wholesome dairy milk, has no artificial colours or flavours, and is a source of calcium. Bite into the brilliant banana flavour today!
  • Paddle Pop Choc Mint Paw Print

    You asked for it and now its back for a limited time! Re-introducing Paddle Pop Choc-Mint Paw Print, an Aussie favourite from the 90s which kids will love and adults will adore! Delicious choc-mint reduced fat^ ice cream, marked with Paddle Pop Lion's paw prints!

    ^min. 2.4% milk fat and min. 25% less milk fat than standard ice cream.

  • Paddle Pop Shaky Shake

    Paddle Pop Chocolate Shaky Shake is a scoopable chocolate taste sensation topped with Chocolate Sauce and Flakes.
  • Paddle Pop Cyclone

    Paddle Pop Cyclone is an ice block that will blow you away! Made with real fruit juice Cyclone is a refreshing swirl of three delicious fruit flavours.