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About Ice Cream For All

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    Ice cream should be for everyone, no matter your food choices. That’s the idea behind Ice Cream For All. We want to put ice cream back on the table.

  • Eye rolls from waiters, face palms from dinner dates, and deaf ears from nannas, nonnas and nainais at every family get-together, are some things that many of us have to live with. 

    It’s not cool being an à la carte afterthought, or a grown-up forced to graze on the kiddie’s menu.

  • We’ve had a gutful. That’s why we’re gonna make the world a little more chill, one ice cream at a time. 

    So whatever label society throws at you: Veggie, vegan, meatless Monday-er, one-part-planter, whatever. We say, ice cream is back on the table!